JBE News Team Selected

JBE News Team Selected
JBE News Team Selected

Our JBE News Team has been selected for the 2017-1018 school year. Each student had to complete an application and have it approved by their homeroom teacher. In addition, each team member interested in becoming an anchor submitted a sample commercial to show their skills as an anchor including voice quality, eye contact, and enthusiasm. Currently, our News team is working on interviewing new teachers to JBE to highlight on the News as well as writing a report to post on our website. Our JBE News Team is also filming commercials to promote upcoming events. Our school is fortunate to have a very talented team of students on the JBE News Team!


  1. Savannah Thompson-4th-Hallett
  2. Julia Gawrych-4th-Hallett
  3. Greta Massey-4th-Hallett
  4. Gianna Laubati-4th-Hallett
  5. Fallon McLoud-4th-Hallett
  6. Kaitlyn Kroll-4th-Hallett
  7. Alston Tobias-4th-Hallett
  8. Ella Russell Harrelson-4th-Pounder
  9. Lydia Gamaway-4th-Pounder (help with script)
  10. Jordan Ivey-4th-Pounder
  11. Elizabeth Kulka-4th-Miller
  12. Brooks Leland-4th-Miller
  13. Olivia Miller-4th-Miller