Important Announcement regarding Awards Day

Important Announcement regarding Awards Day
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Dear Families,

I wanted to share a JBE change with you that stemmed from an article a JBE teacher shared with the faculty. “How a School Ditched Awards and Assemblies to Refocus on Kids and Learning,” by Linda Flanagan caused the staff to rethink “Awards Ceremonies.” All faculty members provided input through grade level chairs and the grade level chairs met for a cabinet meeting and discussed the matter at length. Some of the factors discussed were how much time the ceremonies took from instructional time, as well as the feelings and the negative impact on students (and their parents) that never get an award, and how other schools recognized students. My favorite quote from this article is in response to being asked if removing awards ceremonies encourages mediocrity:  

Excellence comes from a school culture that fosters collaboration and provides opportunities for students to lead, especially in those areas where children have special talents and skills, he added.

We want to honor students for the quality of their work, their character, and the mastery of knowledge and skills by giving them opportunities to lead in these areas. A goal for us is to implement more authentic ways to do that. We are continuing with the Kiwanis “Terrific Kids” program, recognition for perfect attendance, and we will give 3rd-5th-grade students certificates for making the honor roll. However, these recognitions will be going home with report cards; we won’t be having awards ceremonies at the end of the term. Thank you for supporting the faculty as they learn and grow, striving to provide the best possible experience for every child.

All the best,
Robin Fountain
James B. Edwards
The School of Global Leadership