Congratulations to Charlotte Laird!

Charlotte Laird is the 2017-2018 JBE Teacher of the Year!
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Over the years I’ve learned that student achievement does not always show itself in a test score, especially for students with unique needs. In my classroom, it could be reflected through a simple utterance, a step forward, or a smile when a student recognizes the first letter of their name. At that point, I know that I have accomplished something so many think is impossible. I feel that my belief in the ability of my students instead of the emphasis on their disabilities is what allows me to positively impact student achievement.
CCSD’s goal is for all students with disabilities to either meet or exceed their goals. I encourage my students to show the world that they are so much more than the label that has been assigned to them, and every day we break down barriers and reach for the stars.
As for being an agent for change, I want to push JBE to become more inclusive. I want our students to understand that differences should be celebrated, it’s okay to ask questions, and that we should all work together to be the best that we can be - even if some of us need a little more help.
Charlotte Laird