At James B. Edwards we believe students must be challenged with a rigorous curriculum. We do this through differentiated instruction. We accomplish this goal in two ways. The first is we provide students with different avenues to acquire content and allow them to process, construct, or make sense of ideas in a way that best fits their learning style. The second way we differentiate instruction is by developing teaching materials so that all students within a classroom can learn effectively, regardless of differences in ability. In other words, we focus on challenging every student to reach their potential.

Reading and Writing

We teach ELA by engaging students in the Common Core State Standards through the reading and writing workshop model. Reading and Writing Workshop is an instructional model for reading and writing that pairs instruction in reading and writing strategies with opportunities for students to practice each strategy independently, with a peer, and in small groups. This model focuses on challenging students of every level.


We use the My Math program. The program focuses on challenging students using real-life problems and situations. It covers the 5 major areas of math as prescribed in the Common Core State Standards: numbers and operations, algebra, measurement, geometry, and data analysis/ probability.


We believe students should learn about science through discovery. Students are taught about the scientific process and conduct regular experiments and investigations. We also have a science lab that teachers can use with their class to conduct experiments.

Social Studies

We believe students need to be global thinkers. In early grades, we teach students about community resources, diversity, rules, and law. In upper grades, students learn about history and how it shaped the world we live in today.

Media Center

At JBE, reading is greatly emphasized in everything we do. In fact, the JBE library is located in the exact center of our school. It is truly the central access point for all the information needs of students, teachers and parents. Media Center