Mr. Burkeen

Nightly Homework (11/12/18)
Math: 415-416; quiz on Ch 6 lessons 1-11 on Friday
Science:  complete 54-55;  Quiz on Ch 2 Lesson 1 Thursday

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Math Chapter 3 Practice Test  Ch 3 Practice Test.pdf
Science Essential Knowledge:  5th Grade Ecosystems Essential Knowledge.pdf

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Math Chapter Test:  Ch 2 Math test for Oct 5th.pdf
Math Ch 2 Practice test:  Ch 2 Version 3A.pdf
Science Pop Quiz from 9/25  Ecosystems Quiz _3.pdf
Science Quiz #2 from 9/21 Ecosystems Essential Knowledge Quiz _2.pdf
Below is the Ch 1 math test students took on Tuesday and Wednesday
Ch 1 Version 2A Math Test.pdf
Ch 1 Version 2A Standardized Test Practice.pdf