Mr. Burkeen

Nightly Homework  
Math: Ch 10 Test on Thursday
3/18: 769-770 and 775-776  (No need to fill out the boxes, just solve)
ALEKS and Khan can be done at home.  Please see below for grading policies for both ALEKS and Khan.
Math Ch 10 Practice Test.pdf

Science: Quiz on EK #4 and 5 on Wednesday
3/18:  Study EK 4 and 5



1)  KHAN UPDATE:  Due to the increasing frustrations of the students and the differing amounts of assignments, I have decided to adjust the grading policy for Khan.  It is no longer due for a double test grade on April 1st.  It will now serve as an extra credit opportunity.  For every 20% a student completes, he/she will receive a 100 quiz grade.  For example, if a student completes 54%, he/she will receive two 100 quiz grades.  If he/she goes up 6%, he/she will earn another 100% quiz grade.  In all, the students can potentially earn five 100 quiz grades.  If a student only finishes 15% of his/her assignments, the grade will simply be left blank and his/her average will not be affected.

2) must be complete by May 1st.  The completion percentage will turn into a test grade for the 4th quarter.

3)  We are going to try center rotations in class so I can give the kids for one on one attention.  Stay tuned to see how it goes.

4)  We are going to start a program called Fantastic Five.  Students will begin each class by completing 5 math problems.  Each Friday, we will take a quiz on the topics covered throughout the week.