Student Council

Student Council serves as a democratic method for the students of JBE Global Leadership to have a say in the operation of our school. Student Council helps keep the students, principal, and teachers informed of ideas, needs and opinions. Members will meet once a month and be in charge of helping to organize some community service projects and voice opinions on behalf of students.

2016-2017 Student Council- Officers
  • President- Stephen Russell
  • Vice President- Kai Moss
  • Secretary- Laney Collar
  • Treasurer- Nicholas Hartnett

2016-2017 Student Council- Class Representatives

  • 3L- Jude Barker
  • 3M- Caelen Michner
  • 3T- Stella Monteiro
  • 4B- PJ Jenkins
  • 4J- Sadie Smith
  • 4H- Bally Jarrard
  • 4P- Lillian Goff
  • 5V- Kayley Genova
  • 5B- William Michel
  • 5H- Sophie Duren
  • 5K- Charlotte Little

Past Presidents

2016-2017: Stephen Russell 
2015-2016: Ty Dillard
2014-2015: Lukas Helmstetter
2013-2014: Trey Purves
2012-2013: Olivia Hayes
2011-2012: Morgan Miller

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