What is going on in the library?

MackinVIA has been the major focus for 2nd-5th graders. Students have been going in and exploring some great websites. Ask your 3rd-5th grader about Artopia. 2nd graders are really starting to get the hang of how to find and check out digital books in MackinVIA.

CD-1st grade students listen to a lot of stories especially stories about what they are learning in their classroom or holidays and events that are happening in the world. They learned about groundhogs and that they are sometimes called whistle pigs and then they learned why. After hearing the sounds that a groundhog makes they decided that it sounds like a pig that is whistling. They've also learned about presidents, American symbols, the Statue of Liberty, and friendship. 1st graders wrote about some of the changes they would make if they were president. Some of them were very well thought out and made a lot of sense. However, my favorite was the child who thought that we should put in a pool at every house. That child has my vote!

Third through fifth grade students have also been busy learning about the Dewey Decimal System and where to find books in the library. Ask your child about the Dewey Decimal Rap.

In addition to our year long "2015-2016 Spike's Reading Rewards Program" through the Citadel, we are also kicking off our "Hat Trick to Reading" incentive program. Students who read 3 books will get a free ticket to a South Carolina Stingrays hockey game. Read the information about both programs which each have their own tab.

Finally, we are looking forward to celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday! His birthday is on March 2nd but we will wait one week and celebrate on March 9th due to a scheduling conflict with Career Week.

Our library is a very busy place!