About Me
Welcome to the fifth grade version of Mr. Burkeen!  This will be my 14th year teaching.  I started teaching 5th grade in 2003, then moved to third in 2007, to fourth in 2013, and now I am back to fifth in 2016!  My wife also works at JBE in the Child Development program.  Our daughter, Khloe, is in kindergarten here.  Our little man, Kyle, will come to JBE next year.  At home, we have an 11 year old chocolate lab named Daisy and a 3 month old yellow lab named Maizey.  There is also a 12 year old cat named Bailey, but he has pretty much disowned us since we got the puppy.  Anyway, I love being outside!!!!  On the boat, around a firepit, or building things.......that pretty much sums up what I like to do with the family.